MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay – Screen-Printed Baby Onesies


My MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay’s are back y’all. and I REEAAALYY hope to keep it going this time around.

If you don’t know what MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay’s are let me tell ya.

Every weekend you are encouraged by… to MAKE something… anything… with your family or by yourself. And on Monday let’s post about it!

This weekend Aunt Becky came to hang with us and take pics of my ever growing belly so Saturday night we all sat down and made things. One the creations to come out of our craft night was this cute one of kind, original designed baby onesie.

You can most certainly use stencils or store-bought designs to screen print your onesie but I am a total purist and HAD to create my own.

You will need:

  • a self-healing cutting mat
  • Exacto Knife
  • fabric paint
  • onesie
  • contact paper
  • sponge brush


Step One: Create your design. Draw anything your contact paper. I drew an elephant since that is our nursery theme.


Step Two: Place your contact paper on the self-healing cutting mat and using your exacto knife carefully cut out your design.


Step Three: Peel the contact paper and place the negative space cutout on your onesie. You can place it anywhere you want.. it’s your design. I put it in the center. Find a piece of cardboard and place it inside your onesie. This is to ensure the paint does not bleed to the back of the onesie.


Step Four: Pour a bit of fabric paint on a flat surface, I used a paper plate, and take your sponge brush and dab it in the paint. Using the DABBING technique cover all the negative space making sure to cover all the corners. DABBING works best as opposed to BRUSHING.


Step Five: Wait for the paint to dry and peel away. VOILA! You have a fab original onesie!

Step Six: Stick the onesie in the dryer for about 10 mins by itself for the paint to adhere. When you wash the first time, make sure you turn it inside out and wash with similar colored clothing.

And that’s it. Super simple to do! Hope you are inspired to MAKE SOMETHING this weekend and be sure to share with me!