Things you missed during the Presidental Debate

We all watched the debate right… I hope you say yes because if you say no and then post political weirdness on you crackbook wall I will unfriend you for sure.

Ok so while all of us were watching the debate, there was a lot of chatter online about the debate and things mentioned in the debate. If you don’t already, I suggest you get yourself a twitter account STAT so you can follow along online. The commentary is MUCH more entertaining!

Here are the 4 things you might have missed :

  • Michelle Obama wore sleeves – she meant business or she’s giving a cold shoulder to her hubs on their 20th anniversary.
  • Romney is planning a hit on Big Bird – Romney said “I love PBS, I love Big Bird but I’d cut PBS funding” . So basically he’s going to bring back the economy buy taking out Big Bird! This sparked a frenzy from all Big Bird fans and gave birth to the twitter feed @bigbird. Big Bird Is NOT happy with this comment ya’ll. Follow @bigbird -hashtag – #supportbigbird
  • KitchenaidUSA FAIL– Someone from the @kitchenaidUSA ( I hope an intern) mistakenly tweeted the following.

So everyone spent some quality time retweeting and boo hissing KitchenaidUSA ( me included). This was probably someone managing a personal and professional account and tweeted from the wrong place. Small mistake I get it buuuuutttt.. @KitchenaidUSA has since deleted the tweet and posted an apology.

  • Romney’s Smirk – His 1%- ness was totally showing as he smirked his way through the entire debate, interrupted Jim Lehrer – the moderator and pretty much said that everything the POTUS said was false. Which was crazy because Obama is not making this stuff up yo! Romney’s been saying this stuff for 18 MONTHS!! And then Romney talked about “poor kids” and I lost him after that!

I found a good fact check site so go see the facts for yourself –

Until next time.