We bought a CRIB!

So after months of trying to figure out what brand of crib to purchase, after numerous conversations with friends and online peeps… we finally settled on a crib!

The IKEA HENSVIK is the winner! coming in for a cool $100 this crib has and does everything I need it to do!

After looking through cribs at Potterybarn Kids, and Target and Giggle and all over the interspace… we finally settled on this affordable, safe and charming crib.

I am not one to carelessly spend money, I mean $900 for a crib? Even if my pockets were that deep, I’m not sure a $900 crib would be in the cards for me.

So if you are in the market for a new crib, let me tell you why we settled on the IKEA HENSVIK.

  • Just when Matt and I thought we had found the perfect crib from a very popular baby furniture and decor store…it was about $500 we read a report about the formaldehyde issue in cribs! Yikes!
  • When we did more research we learned that unless you want to spend a pretty penny on a crib, the formaldehyde content just barely passes the US Standards. When I asked around and looked around and researched around, we learned that IKEA cribs adhere to European standards which are much higher than US. and IKEA’s cribs were consistently ranking high in many of the  ” best of cribs” lists including Consumer Reports.
  • SOOOO we headed over to the local IKEA to see this wunder crib in action. While the GULLIVER crib is the one that was ranked high, we really liked the HENSVIK crib for its charm.
  • The HENSVIK crib is made of solid beech wood. The bedbase top and bedside are made of fiberboard. ( this is what usually contains the formaldehyde)
  • The crib is really sturdy, and it can be adjusted to two levels depending on baby’s age. Also one side of the crib drops down to allow your kid to get in and out of bed when a he’s a little older.
  • The slats of the cribs are closer together to prevent little limbs getting stuck in between.
  • Overall, I was impressed. IKEA has come a long way baby! The quality of this crib is impressive and truthfully surprising.
  • IKEA’s testing methods are pretty intense and after doing a TON of research online, I feel great about our decision.
  • We did not buy the mattress from IKEA. I figured since we saved such a great amount of money on the crib, I am going to splurge for an organic mattress.

Issue with formaldehyde:

Formaldehyde found in cribs is mostly in the particle board or fiber board pieces and if your child is sleeping on this crib and breathing in this toxin it’s no good. That said… where was all this formaldehyde research when we were growing up?

There is a ton of info online about this topic. I suggest you do your research and ask friends. You don’t HAVE to buy a $700 + crib for your babe. There are many affordable options out there. So happy crib shopping!