Sick Day

I often times have these periods in my world when I feel real ” powerhousey”. Meeting clients, making things happen, working, filming and so much more. But on days like today when a whole day of important meetings and work and filming gets cancelled because your child is sick…. it helps put things into perspective.

In the end and in the beginning and in everything in between… my mommy duties come first.

But do my clients know that? and how many more times can I say, ” my kid is sick I have to reschedule” before I get the boot?

For now…I’m home all day with Lily. Rubbing her belly, making her tea, kissing her sicky away… that kinda thing and it’s OK with me!

But I am sneaking in work into the nooks and crannies of time throughout the day.

How do you other mama’s juggle working and being a “stay at home – but not really because you work from your computer” mom.