Belly Cream – My Pick

I have been a little concerned about my body stretching out in every direction and the stretch marks that come with it. Vain.. I know.

I found a GREAT belly cream to prevent stretch marks that really works girls so I just want to share the goods.

In the early part of my pregnancy I used Vaseline cocoa butter or Palmers stretch mark cream and I’m sure it worked or didn’t I had no way of knowing. But since I have brown skin, my stretch marks show up really… like REALLY intense. So i was concerned.

A few weeks ago I ran into ALI – the owner of the fab kid store GIGGLE – and we immediately bonded on art and adoption and dance and fashion and everything in between. So I asked her for some stretch cream suggestions… “MUSTELA” she said. ( Read about GIGGLE here)

It’s a European brand and the active ingredient is apparently used by surgeons for their patients to help reduce scars marks.

So BAM! I tried it and so far, it’s doing me good. My belly is stretched to the MAX y’all. Belly button has almost popped and when I eat and drink or breathe I have no idea where it goes because my belly feels so full All. The. Time. ! But since using Mustela I haven’t really seen many stretch marks. I use it all over my belly, waist, thighs, arms, chest and so far… we’re good. This stuff works gals! No belly marks at all! No thigh marks, no arms marks and no chest marks… and while my thighs and arms haven’t changed much in size, my chest and belly are HUGE!

I bought the Stretch Marks Double Action Cream – 5 oz for $41 but me and my thrifty self found it on sale at Motherhood Maternity for $28! SCORE!

So there ya go. My belly cream pick.

What have you been using? Does it work? Is there any hope for preventing Stretch Marks?

*This is not a paid post. I just wanted to share my find with you*