Gearing up for Baby

Yesterday on my way home from work, Lily and i were chatting on the phone. This is how it went –

Lily: Guess what mom!
Me: What sweetpea?
Lily: I have a baby!
Me: Oh yea..congratulations.
Lily: Thanks. My baby was born today and he has blue eyes just like daddy.
Me: Congrats! I can’t wait to come home and meet your baby.
Lily: Does this make you a grandma?
Me: Yes it does! Oh yea! I’m a grandma.
Lily: But you’re not an old grandma, you’re a very young grandma.
Me: Thanks Lily. it’s true. So what’s your baby doing right now?
Lily: My baby is sleeping and opening his eyes.


This conversartion went on for a while. When I came home, she was commited to this baby. Changing its diaper, clothes and even giving Jonah strict instructions on not to kiss or drool or eat the baby. YIKES!

I am very happy to see Lily role playing because Matt and I have been noticing some strange behavior from her all summer. This behavior most of the time comes in the form of massive meltdowns that can be sparked by the lightest of conversations about baby, or growing up or sleeping in her bed.

She often times says, “Poor Jonah, who is going to take care of him when the baby comes, he’ll be so sad. “

Now I’m pretty sure when she says ” Jonah” – our St. bernard – she really means herself.

A new sibling can be a scary and exciting time for a child. I remember when my sis was born I have these intense memories of feeling really left out and she was getting toys and although I am 6 YRS older, I wanted toys, and dolls and attention the way she was getting it.

Matt and I still haven’t unpacked all of Lily’s toys from our move 2 months ago. The goal is to unpack and set up her play room this weekend. This role play baby thing is a good thing.

How did your younger kids cope with you having a baby? Any advice for me?