STRUT – The Fashionable Moms Show

It’s Fashion Week here in NYC and since I haven’t been feeling up to attending most of the shows I have been invited to …I have been fortunate to have some of my friends cover them for me. My friend Jessica Wilt covered the one of a kind , “Strut – The Fashionable Moms” show at Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week and here’s what she had to say.

I experienced my very first NY Fashion Week show this past Monday night
called “Strut – The Fashionable Mom Show.” Presented by The MOMS
co-founders Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein with SWW Creative
President and CEO Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a unique Fashion Week
format was unexpectedly fun with moms (and one dad) of all colors,
shapes and sizes gleefully strutting down the runway with their kids.

Creating a party-like mood, the music was mixed by a pint sized nine-year
old, DJ Fulano, dressed in a white school uniform jacket. Sounds of the
Jackson Five and James Brown pumped through the house with bright
colorful bubbles bouncing around on the walls setting the stage for fun.

Wendy Williams of talk show host fame wore a long sleeve black mini
sweater dress and spike stiletto pumps. Williams said, “Life doesn’t have
to stop when you have children.” She spoke about an ah ha moment she
had backstage at her show one day (wearing only a robe) thinking how
great it would be to have a fashion show that would “embrace women of all

When I think NY Fashion Week, I imagine famous designer lines
that all have a similar look and color scheme adorned by ultra thin
models – this “Moms Strut” show was an eclectic mix of style unlike any
other! Actress Lisa Rinna set the tone with her exuberant walk down the
catwalk wearing a black and white short sleeve mini dress. Proud moms
from diverse professional backgrounds, some more comfortable than
others with their runway stride, soon followed high fiving each other as
they passed by for encouragement.

Everything from colorful and casually fun breezy tops and print skinny
jeans to beautiful short mini-dress evening attire were highlighted
throughout the show. The kids sported everything from T-shirts and
workout pants in bold colors to bright shiny sequin studded dresses, a mix
of colorful jeans with plaid shirts and preppy khakis.

“Strut – The Fashionable Mom Show” demonstrated happy moms and kids bouncing to the music, looking good and just having fun celebrating fashion and family. What a great night!

Jessica Wilt is an arts education administrator in New York City where she is actively involved in arts, culture, education, and health-related advocacy and politics. Huffington Post blogger .  ARTSblog contributorYouTube channel . @JessicaLWilt