Being Pregnant – 29 weeks

Today marks the 29th week of my pregnancy.


  • What’s with the waking up throughout the night business! I have not had a good nights sleep in weeks. And I know it’s going to be worse when the baby arrives but at least you have a baby to show for it. right now? It’s just me not sleeping. On the up side, there are a ton of Law and Order episodes from 2AM – 5AM so that’s a bonus.
  • The MOTO is very active throughout the night and it’s pretty amazing to see my belly move but the nausea caused by this movement is NO BUENO!
  • I waddle. Yep I do. So that’s humbling. At my brothers wedding this past weekend, I waddled in my fab Ralph Lauren snake-skin stilettos. Naice.
  • Last week I was so sick I had to cancel a whole day of clients and work. I really don’t like pulling the preggy card but I could not function all day and had to and that was really unprofessional. Bleh!
  • My Mom does not give me any advice about the baby except to say, stop working (like that is an easy thing to do) and after spending a whole 3 days with her this past weekend she not once mentioned the pregnancy or asked how I was doing. Neither did my sis or grandmother. So that makes me really sad. I mean I have a HUGE belly people and this is my first pregnancy and you are my family and don’t you want to feel the baby move or ask me how I’m feeling…but nada. Not sure what that’s all about but it hurts my feelings and I feel very alone in this. Maybe it’s the hormones.
  • I am totally overwhelmed by how much we have to do to get ready for the baby. We don’t have a crib or stroller or car seat or any of those things.
  • I don’t have any decent belly shots and even that stresses me out. Like maybe I’m not documenting this whole thing properly and thus robbing the MOTO of a “life in the womb” memory experience.
  • We STILL have to unpack from when we moved in 2 months ago, and I just can’t find the time or energy to do this. Guess where most of the boxes are… in the nursery!
  • I am so stressed about the whole labor thing…not the actual labor but the logistics… like who is going to take care of Lily when I am in labor? What are we going to eat for the few days following the delivery? I need to make frozen meals right? I do have family nearby but what if this goes down during work hours for them how will we coordinate this?  Are there sitters who can be hired just for these type of situations?
  • I have not found any “mom” classes in my new town yet. This too stresses me out because I’m looking at the New York winter months and a new-born and I am pretty sure it’s going to be pretty lonely.

So there ya have it… pity party for one please.