Back To School – 2nd Grade

Lily went back to school today and I have such mixed emotions…

On one hand – I get my schedule back and have some time to myself for work and whatever else I fill my days with…

on the other hand – I miss her and her crazy stories and ideas.

on the other hand – I get my sanity back and don’t have to answer “what happens if you swallow a rattlesnake?” questions without losing my mind.

but on the other hand – What WOULD happen if I were to swallow a rattle snake? How would that snake get there in the first place? Would I be lying down in the deserts of Arizona and a rattle snake would just find its way into my mouth? Is it a baby rattlesnake looking for shelter? Did I attempt to swallow a rattlesnake on a dare? Is a rattlesnake a metaphor for something? What?  It’s quite an intriguing question really.

See my point.

She started a new school today because we moved to a new hood this summer. Her friend from across the street is in the same class as her and she could not be more thrilled.

At lunch her friend-from-across-the-street said, “well maybe we should take a break so we can meet other kids”. Lily said she was sad at first but was quickly approached by a friendly face who she quite enjoyed spending lunch and recess with only to be told later by her friend-from-across-the-street was the “annoying girl” in the school. This has unfortunately changed Lily’s opinion of her new friend.

She didn’t eat her cheese stick for lunch because it had melted and looked like ‘milk cheese’ apparently.

Her teacher has Star Wars toys in the room and was walking around with a light saber, which was amusing to Lily.

And during Library she had to share a seat with a girl with took up the whole space and Lily almost fell off her chair.

She thinks she’s the only LILY in the whole school so that’s pretty special. How you know this on the first day of school I have no idea.

When she came home from school, she fell asleep on the couch in the middle of getting ready to head out on an adventure. When she awoke she was full of stories and funny sayings but out of nowhere.. the clear blue sky… a MAJOR meltdown ensued and the only thing Matt and I could do was let her cry it out.

Sometimes she has to do that.. have a meltdown… kids are on their best behavior at school and when they come home they have to just RELEASE and often times the release comes in the form of crying and rolling on the floor and saying things like – poophead or go away or just making faces. Harmless I say.

So here begins the school year, with stories and daily meltdowns and adventures and learning!

Hope your little one had a good day back.