Blogher 12 – My Recap

I must have been the only one who did not get a pair of rose-colored glasses when I picked up my Blogher12 Pass.

I write this not out of angst or out of pettiness, I write this truthfully and I hope this helps those of you who feel the same. Because it can’t possibly be just me.

How can a conference that’s supposed to empower and encourage women in social media and blogging leave this woman feeling insecure and jaded and overall “less than”?

Hear me out-

While I did my conference duty and attended the conference and the expo hall and the speakers and all that conference goodness, I also managed to sneak in a few off-site events and a couple of dinners / brunches.

  • The panelists for the sessions on more than one occasion spoke to the attendees in a condescending manner. For example – one PACKED session I attended, the panelist asked the question – Who here has a media kit?- to which approx 90% of the room raised their hands… to which the Panelist responded with a – mom talking to her 2-year-old for pooping in the toilet for the first time – “Yea (clapping hands) yippee, that’s so great. good for you” Good for you? This is a blogging conference and these women know what’s up. They have spent 100’s or 1000’s of dollars, left their kids, husbands, and work life at home to attend the largest blogging conference for women and you are going to clap your hands because we have a media kit… which everyone should have anyway. I found it offensive – not that they asked about the media kit but the childish unprofessional way they responded to us having a media kit. But I stuck through the panel because I had committed.
  • In the hallways, most of the talk was about what parties and swag events people were invited to. “did you see that goody bag from XYZ event? it was amazing” I was not invited to all the parties I also chose not to attend some parties because me and my pregnant belly could only take so much. But I really started to develop a complex during these conversations. Am I NOT good enough? Is my Klout not worth it? What did I do wrong to be off the list of a friend’s party? The talk was overwhelmingly about swag and who got what and what event did they attend and were they on a list?
  • Since I live most of my life offline, I didn’t know some of the ‘popular” bloggers and when I asked one woman in particular who she was and her site, she said to me, you must be new honey, I’ve been online for  years”. When she told me her name and site- I had heard of her- and while I did enjoy her musings… I am not a fan anymore. Come on lady… most people in the world have no clue who you are and  what is so wrong in your world that you feel the need to pull out the “you should know who I am “ card. And don’t call me honey – M’aam!

It’s not my scene. I stuck out the 3 days and got to chat with some great new and old friends from my online and offline worlds and that was my prize. But overall I left Blogher feeling defeated and jaded and not part of a community.

I attend social media conferences all the time. I speak on panels, I consult national and local NYC companies and PR agencies on social media… this was only my 2nd – women – mom- blogging- conference. And the differences are astounding. Maybe Blogher has become too big for its own good. Maybe the swag and parties are overshadowing the reason for the conference.

I really wish I had received my rose-colored glasses while picking up my badge.