Blogher 12- Day 2

Today was Day 2 of the woman focused blogging conference – Blogher.

Day two was not as exciting as day 1.

Here’s how it went:

The first thing this morning was a fab brunch at Sarabeth’s with TimeToPlay. Jim Silver and his team hosted about 10 bloggers for a relaxing and engaging lunch at one of NYC’s fave brunch spots.



Next I headed over to a panel on media and pitching media outlets, I left that half way through to catch some tips from the design and style bloggers and dipped out of that early as well to hang out in the hallway and catch up on some work.

The panels I attended , I felt, were not great. The information was for beginner level bloggers and was not to the point and most times repetitive and just all around dull. Unfortunate.

Next I met up with some fab gals in the hallways of Blogher. Chatted with a rep from IAMS – the dog food – about potentially partnering with them ( fingers crossed since it’s what we feed Jonah beast!).


Then I headed over to the expo hall and wandered aimlessly. I met the SUN from the Jimmy Dean commercials.


Say Kate Gosslin looking a mess.


And met Design Star’s Emily Henderson – who is super cute! She also has that fab show – Secrets From a Stylist


And these guys.


The expo hall was not all that. Lots of small companies, coupon online companies and things that I am not into. So that was a miss for me. Thankfully I had my gal Tracy – @nystoopmama with me to keep me sane!


Next I sat in on the Voices of the Year thing and heard a couple funny and touching readings. Started to feel really tired and headed home. On the way out, I ran into Jennifer James of the Mom Bloggers Club and we ended up chatting over appetizers about art and dance and social good. It was a great end to the day.

I didn’t get anything out of blogher. Not one thing. I did meet a few folks which is the best part. But as far as building my blog and making it great and all that stuff. nada. Lets see what tomorrow holds in store for.

Goodnight all!