Blogher12 Survival Tips

AKA – How to Attend Blogher and Live to Talk About It.

This is my second Blogher conference. It’s also my 2nd – mom focused – blogging conference.

As you know, I work in the social media field… I am what you could call a Social Media Creative. I have a handful of fab clients both national and local who I love and cherish and guard over their online personalities. I do events, twitter stuff, crackbook stuff, blogger campaigns, creative marketing projects, consulting, fun rogue things… all that madness. and I love it!

I tell you this because i want you to understand the point of view of this post. I attend social media conferences all the time, living in NY this is easy. I also attend conferences online… thanks to the live streaming invention. I have sat on panels, and consulted PR companies and brands on how to navigate this wonderful world of online media. I love what i do. I love to talk about it and I think I’m pretty dang good… if you will!

Alright… so the MUTHA of all mom conferences descends upon NYC on Thursday.

are you going? Of course you are…

will you survive? not sure…

will there be swag? hella yea… a ton of it

will the panels be interesting? maybe…

Here we go:

  • Don’t be intimidated by the ladies who walk around talking about what events they got invites to. Maybe you didn’t get that invite but don’t feel bad. Don’t let them derail your reason for being at the conference… networking, panels, meeting with brands and finding your online community and learning!
  • Don’t stress the dress –  some gals have their outfits planned out and plotted for weeks and they rock it out. The nails, the jewels, the shoes, the bags… the halls of the blogher venue can sometimes resemble a catwalk of retail something or other… but wandering through NYC in heels for 3 days in No Bueno. Simmer down now and wear something reasonable and I vote for the comfy shoes!
  • Network – take the chance to meet with your fave PR peeps and online friends. Whether after hour drinks, lunch or a quick meet up in the hallway… try to make it happen.
  • You can’t be everywhere at once. You just can’t, you know this. So don’t stress not being at that ONE “cool” event that everyone is going to and you did not get the invite. Instead rock the invite you did get and make the most of it. Also don’t forget the panels!
  • Did you get your biz cards?
  • Sometimes celebs roam the halls and expo hall at Blogher… so get your cameras ready and don’t lose your cool when you see that ONE real housewife you love!
  • Breathe! It’s a HUGE conference and there is a ton of info coming at you from every direction so just breathe and take it in at YOUR pace.
  • Night time parties don’t mean you have to live out your Girl Gone Wild college days. Take it easy daisy… slow down on those shots.

So that’s it. My 2 cents for the upcoming weekend! As much as I like to get my dance on, I am taking a break from all nighttime events this year… me and my baby belly will need to shut it down early.

Hope to connect with you at Blogher!