Zylie The Bear and Oasis Day Camp

Last week Lily and I spent a gorgeous day in central park playing games and working on crafts thanks to Zylie The Bear and Oasis Day Camp.


Zylie the Bear is an adventure girl.. much like my Lilypie.


Zylie is an 18 inch part doll and part bear. This is particularly great for girls who are transitioning out of the stuffed animal stage and moving onto dolls… again, much like Lily.

The doll comes with a very snazzy outfit which fits your other 18 inch dolls which is great! They all share clothes.

Zylie also comes with a fab adventure book with stories of NYC. We loved reading these this past week. She lives with her aunt on the Upper east Side. Along with her Brother – Theo – Zylie is a one curious little bear with a thirst for adventure and knowledge. Her roles models include her award-winning journalist Aunt Willa, and she aspires to be just like the acclaimed engineer and scientist Dr. Ursula Kodiak someday. Zylie travels all over the world and meets a new friend in each country. This is such a great learning tool for kids, as they can learn about the culture and fun facts of a new country.

Lily has enjoyed her new pal, and is planning on taking her with us on our summer vaca next week. Lily has been introducing Zylie to our new neighborhood and even took her on the subway and train in NYC. Zylie and Lily have been having a fun time being adventure girls!


For more info about Zylie the Bear visit – http://www.zyliethebear.com/

For more info on Oasis Day Camp please visit – http://www.oasischildren.com/


*I was invited to a media event and Lily was gifted with a Zylie the Bear*