5 Things that need to go away right now!

1. 50 shades of who cares! – OMG if I hear one more person talk about or refer to, or create marketing gimmicky campaigns around  this stupid piece of garbage book I will … ( fill in random weird act)

2. Those ecards popping up on Facebook all the time. It was cute the first few weeks and I too partook in ‘sharing’ a few of those witty sayings… but no more. the time has passed.

3. Chick – Fil-A  – Oh why you do me so wrong!! I loooove Chick Fil A and their yummy chicken nuggets and waffle fries and shakes. But a friend of a friend  of mine wrote a very exposing Huff Post article about how Chick Fil A and their once revered christian morals actually support – in a big way – anti gay groups and do not support overall human equality. Just read the article.

4. Heat index – “It’s hot, dayum hot .Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it a little crotch pot cooking. Fool, it’s hot! I told you again! Were you born on the sun? It’s damn hot!” We know it’s hot, we get it do we REALLY need the heat index to taunt us on the daily?

5. Booty shorts – What’s with these UBER-short-short-teeny-shorts. Who decided this was a fashion summer staple? ew! Stop the madness now ladies. don’t nobody want to see any of that jiggly mess ya heard! Keep a lid on that crotch pot!

What are your 5 things you want to see gone right now? Leave me a quick comment and let me know.