Not ANOTHER day at the pool!

At the risk of offending readers, I’m putting this out there.

I H A T E going to the pool EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!


When we first became parents – Lily’s adoption was finalized in May – summer was coming right up and my new-found ‘mom’ friends said – “oh summer is the best, we spend all day at the pool and the kids love it and we get to chat and it’s such a blast”

Well summer came that year and has every year for the past four years and every summer I buy my town pool pass and head to the pool with Lily… DAILY.

and. am. miserable!

See I am just not a “spend the whole day at the pool” type of person.

I can’t do it. I’m not saying I don’t like spending time with my daughter or that I am a negligent parent or that I have more important things to do but EVERYDAY at the pool! It’s a bit much no?

Yet it is the way of mommydome. I work from home, my work schedule revolves around Lily’s. Matt is super helpful and has a schedule where he can come to the rescue sometimes but I am the daily pool attendant.

Lily loves the pool and I LOVE seeing her so happy and that is my prize and my salvation for enduring the pool on the daily.


My skin turns 50 shades darker, I have this skin condition that leaves patches all over my neck and back because of the sun and that gets activated and sometimes the pool side chatter among the ‘mom’ types is plain ole silly and uninteresting. Plus Lily insists on hanging on me in the pool sometimes and pulls down my bathing suit by mistake and is all clingy in the water and this can go on for hours… DAILY!

Then I have to come home and do the shower routine for both of us, my hair is a lost cause, then dinner or lunch, then bedtime and after she’s in bed… my second life begins with emails and proposals and laundry and cleaning the house and making plans with my friends who I never see.

I don’t know. Some people might look at this whole scenario and say – ” quit your whining you spoiled brat, I would give my left arm for daily lounging at the pool” But that’s exactly it.. it’s NOT LOUNGING! It’s not relaxing, its constant engagement, and none of the perks of pool side grandeur.

No pool side cocktails, no cabana to lounge in, I don’t sit all sexy like on my pool chaise with over-sized sunglasses and a sarong with back arched in my teeny bikini so my body looks bangin and no pool boy to rub suntan lotion all over me.

It’s not the pool side image you envision. It’s everything I do at home with Lily…but wet and in a bathing suit in front of mass amounts of strangers and no makeup and totally out of my comfort zone! And I’m pregnant and the heat is not my friend and my belly bump is bumpin these days!

So all you daily pool parents… raise up your klean kanteens and head to the pool… all summer… everyday! Who’s with me? Am I the only one who feels like this?

* This is a random rant. not meant to offend*