My Olympic Plans for Lily

With the Olympics around the corner, it got me thinking… Some Olympic athletes get a significant part of their training in college right? Scholarship? What if Lily was an Olympian? It could happen.

She hasnt really shown any interest in any one sport. Her future plans include – being a jungle girl and live in the jungle with the animals and not wear clothes and eat fruit from the trees…that kind of thing – but she might go to college she says, ” just to learn how to help out the jungle animals when they are sick”.


So my plan is:

CURLING... you know that ‘off the beaten path’ Olympic sport where they brush/push/chug along the puck to a target or something. I’m not sure what the game is all about. Curling doesnt seem to be a popular sport and could use a little  pizzaz!

So I figured… why don’t we get Lily involved in curling. A cute spunky girl can really bring attention to the sport and everyone will love curling and cheer for it… while Lily can get a full scholarship granted to her for CURLING at a college level AND I can save a ton of money on college education for the jungle girl AND she could win a gold medal in the Olympics.

Sounds like a winning plan to me!