The Move…

So last week we moved. Still in New York, closer to NYC and Crooklyn and not TOO far from my previous digs.

I apologize for not returning phone calls and emails and pretty much going MIA for 15 days! I’m slowly tackling my over 1400 emails ( no joke) in my inbox on just ONE account. Could really use a glass of red right now!


The move was rough but we made it. It was 98 degrees here in NY and I am pregnant and Lily was stir crazy and we have not had a single meal at home in 15 days! I can’t wait to settle in!


Our new place is great, we have neighbors, something we did not have at our previous residence. We lived on a quiet street where most houses were turned into Doctor and Lawyer offices, it was a great street nonetheless and we had a great 10 years there!


In the last few days, we have been meeting our neighbors in our new place. yes we have neighbors! This is going to be a whole new experience.


The guy right next to us is a retired NYC police detective and gave us the full run down on every single person on the block. He had great things to say about everyone… and I totally trust him!

The family across the street has a child Lily’s age and Lily has loved being over her house and playing for endless hours. The ‘across the street’ neighbors have 3 daughters and the guy told us about how he delivered his second in the home because it was an emergency and when the 3rd was ready to be delivered he just skipped the hospital and delivered her right there in the house! Say what!

So in case we have an emergency with my delivery I know who to call. (kidding mom)

The couple who live behind us have 3 little dogs who Jonah has loved saying hi to from the fence. Jonah has especially taken to the old Beagle. Jonah will bark in a special bark – calling for the beagle- and the old beagle trots over and they immediately get to wagging of the tails and sniffing and al that doggie chatter.   It’s the cutest interaction to watch.


Matt has settled into his job nicely, and the water pressure in the shower is awesome and  I FINALLY have internet in the house so I am set!

Jonah settled in as well. He rolled in poop the very first day we moved in and he found a few critters to chase around. The Guinea Pigs have found a permanent space by a window and stare at the cars all day!


Moving really stinks and is so hard when you are pregnant! The heat combined with the frustration of not having anyone helping is the worst! My main concern during this move was for Lily, while we did have a few friends who took her to the pool with their kids for a couple days, she spent most the time with me… packing and then unpacking. We’ve snuck in extra treats for her to try to make it up. I feel like I failed her in the “its summer and she spent the first two weeks at home with me doing housework” department.

It’s normal right? Kids go through this stuff and it’s fine. Builds character and all that!

Well then, here’s to new adventures and cherishing the old memories!