Brave – Movie Review

The highly anticipated Disney-Pixar film BRAVE opens in theaters tomorrow, June .22.2012.

I wasn’t able to make the press preview for the film last week but my friend TOM SCHUMACHER went in my stead.

Rated PG
Running Time – 1hour 35 minutes.

Here are his thoughts.

Last week I got a sneak peek at Pixar’s latest animated epic Brave (as well as a great pre-feature short called La Luna). Based on my experiences with Pixar’s movies I expected to enjoy a touching storyline embellished with eye-popping animation, heart-pounding action sequences and just the right amount of comic relief. Check. Check. And check.

Director Brenda Chapman (Pixar’s first female director) has given us the tale of Merida, the flame-haired Scottish princess (with a personality to match her auburn locks) who finds herself bound by her royal duties and her kingdom’s custom of arranged marriages. The princess chafes at her mother’s overbearing need to mold her free-spirited daughter into the prim and proper princess she’s expected to be. The mother/daughter dynamic also touches on both sides inability to really listen to each other and see things from each other’s point of view.

The story then follows the expected arc of the rebellious daughter creating chaos by following her heart, realizing her mistake and then both sides coming to an understanding, making up and living happily ever after (Pixar is owned by Disney after all). 

Along the way, there are the expected laughs provided by both Merida’s father, King Fergus (voiced by comic Billy Connolly), her triplet brothers, Hamish, Hubert and Harris, and the general mayhem of the Scottish three clans seeking to have their prince win Merida’s hand in marriage. There’s also enough action to keep brothers (and Dads) from being bored to death by the mother/daughter storyline.

Is this Pixar’s finest moment? Nope. Brave fails to strike a chord (like Finding Nemo) or give us character we instantly identify with/care about (Toy Story), but it is entertaining and an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so beating the heat this summer.

* I was not paid for this post. Just got a media preview and am happy to share*