5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

In case you are one of the lucky few who don’t live in the New York area… We  in the Empire State are having a heat wave… a full on tropical heat wave. (remember that song?)

While we are all busy staying cool, just a quick mention about the four legged hairy beasts. Consider this my PSA if you will.

So here are my 5 tips to keeping your doggie cool and safe.

  1. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A CAR!!!- heat indexes are upwards of 100 degress today.
  2. Give your pup plenty of water. Keep the water bowl filled always.
  3. Keep your pet indoors with a fan or air conditioner on. Unlike the rest of the country most homes/apartments here in New York don’t have central air. So get those window units cranking some cool air STAT.
  4. Keep you dog out of the crate if you can help it. I mean if your doggie is going to destroy everything in the house then by all means crate him up when you are not around and leave a fan on in his direction.
  5. Remember, dogs can’t talk and tell you what they are feeling. ( I know, I know you can read their mind)  When they pant real crazy like.. it’s their way of cooling off… wonder if it’s effective. So please be kind to your beasts during this brutal heatwave.

This post was prompted by my 7year old wonder – Lilypie. She has been taking great care of Jonah and the guinea pigs all week.