ANNND we’re back!

After a wonderful week in Paris, Matt and I are back to our schedules.

And glad to be back … I must add.

This was our very first vacation without Lilypie and as much as I missed her and replayed videos of her on my iphone or talked about how much she would love this pastry or that boat ride… I have to say, I had the best time with just Matt.


Lily was safe at home with Matt’s mom…. who is wonderful and really took care of both Lily and Jonah. Jonah , we think is going through some sort of post -grandma- depression. He just mopes around because he misses grandma!

I can’t wait to share my trip with you. We planned it all ourselves… *AHEM* – MATT planned the whole thing… from our direct flights, to our posh boutique hotel in the MARAIS district of Paris… it was all his doing and I just sat back and enjoyed the trip!

Pics to come soon! Now to catch up on a weeks worth of emails!