And the baby is a…

On Friday we found out the gender of the critter growing in my belly.

And it’s a


So cool. I know people say this… and… now I’m going to say it as well… I had a feeling it was going to be a boy. Not sure why…but everytime someone would ask me, ” so what do you think it is?” My brian would immediately chime in.. A BOY!

So much going through my mind… what do I do with all those amazing girl clothes that Lily has. She has the best collection of dresses thanks to my mom and grandma who spoil her to no end with frilly dresses.

What do I do with all those gorgeous doll houses… I love doll houses and I don’t want to get rid of them.

And then… it’s a boy… I don’t know much about boys. Do they eat dirt, play with bugs, are gross and toot all the time? Well that’s a sterotype if there ever was one… Lily does all those things and I LOVE HER FOR IT!

So here we go folks… into the great wide wonderful world of boys!