Giggle – my baby gear guilty pleasure

There’s a little baby/toddler gear store in Greenwich, CT ( and other places) called Giggle and I am OBSESSED!


I discovered this store long before we had Lily and while we skipped the baby years with Lily ( she was 3 when we adopted her) , I would indulge in giggle goodies as gifts for my friends littles. Once Lily was in the fold, we would shop there for funky crayons and music and organic bath products.

Now that it’s my turn around the baby block, of course I headed to Giggle for ideas on decor and gear and stretch mark erasing creams. It was the FIRST place I headed to for my ” I’m having a baby and I don’t know jack” baby gear research.


So what is this GIGGLE I speak of? It’s only one of the coolest baby/toddler boutique stores evah! Our closest store is in Greenwich, CT about 25 mins away from our house.  What I love about this store is that it’s … curated. Meaning, every item is handpicked for esthetic, design and eco-friendly quality. So they’ve already weeded through the everyday stuff to get you the good goods.


The sales persons at the Greenwich, CT store were so sweet to us and really took time explaining EVERY SINGLE stroller, baby seat, cribs, the pros and cons of circular vs. rectangular cribs…I got the 101’s of “I’m having a baby and I don’t know jack’ course handed to me by the Giggle sales person… with NO PRESSURE TO PURCHASE ANYTHING!!! Matt and I are definitely going back. There is some bedding that we love and I need some preggy lotions and potions. And then the strollers and car seats, diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags, strange pump like contraptions, bouncers that look all space age like… and all that madness!


Check out GIGGLE online. They have a ton of great registry resources and much more.

* I was NOT paid nor asked to write about this store. All this pregnancy stuff is so new to me and I am so excited to have found a store that fits my mojo and wanted to share *