Sargento Cheese – Thin to Win Challenge

I’ve been chosen to be a part of the Sargento Cheese ‘Thin to Win” Challenge blogger project. Someone clearly was paying attention to my cheese loving ways 😉  45 bloggers across the nation have been chosen to talk about various challenges over a two month period.

My challenge is ‘Cleaning out my phone contact list”

Like most people… my life is on my phone. My email accounts… all 6 of them, my social media hookups, my pictures, my music, my videos, my gazillions app obsessions… I even have a “bump it” business card on my iPhone. This is where you bump your iPhone with a fellow iPhone user and just like techy magic… your contact info is transferred to their contact list.

While thinking through this “clean out your phone contact list” challenge, I figured… this can’t be hard… I don’t have that many useless contacts on my phone.

And oh how wrong was I!

Since I have synced my Gmail AND LinkedIn AND Facebook accounts all to my iPhone I have WAAAAAY too many unneccessary contacts taking up space on my phone.  There are also dozens of random business contacts like a pizza place in maine from our vacation there last year,  a bike rental shop in NY, international contacts who I will NEVER call, old phone numbers for people from college…etc. There is actually someone in my contact list with the label – suzie’s mom’s neighbor… what in the world!!! ( I don’t even know a Suzie)

So how do you clean up your phone contacts:

  • Since most of my contacts are synced from Facebook, I had to start there first. I’m talking at least 800 phone numbers via crackbook! Go to on your computer – Click on ‘Account Settings” ( it’s the little down arrow/triangle on the upper right hand corner) – click on ‘MOBILE” and follow the prompts. DONE!
  • Next I went through my contacts and looked at each contact… I really don’t think I will ever use that pizza place in maine ever again so DELETE! If I find myself in Maine with a hankering for pizza, I’ll look it up on google!
  • I usually sync phone numbers with people at conventions to ‘catch up later”. If you have not caught up in about 4 months… chances are you are probably not going to do it via phone. An email is plenty good. So again… DELETE!
  • That babysitter you did not like… DELETE!
  • Suzie’s Mom’s Neighbor… D to the L to the LETE!
Not counting the 800 plus contacts via FB, I deleted about 39 contacts off my phone!

It’s tough to clean out your contacts because that’s exactly what they are…contacts and you never know when you might need that phone number or if that one musician you met that summer night might become the next Justin Bieber and then you just deleted his number and missed the “hang on to a celebrity” boat.  But today… its easier than ever to get a hold of people so you really don’t need some free loading phone number taking up valuable space on your phone.. I say DELETE!

Have you cleaned out your phone list lately? Share your tips on the SARGENTO FACE BOOK PAGE – and you will be entered to win some faboosh prizes! 

* I am one of the chosen bloggers of the Sargento Cheese THIN TO WIN Challenge and have been compensated for this post – all tall tales about my phone contact deleting adventures are my own*