Week 14 and POP goes my belly!

This week I started week 14 of my pregnancy and just like that… I woke up Tuesday morning and POP…there was a belly! While I’m sure to the everyday viewer I had started to show long ago, this belly popping out business is new to me and pretty visible.

So here marks the beginning of the visible pregnancy.

In this 14 week of pregnancy here’s what:

  • My nausea FINALLY left me yesterday. No nausea all day and it felt great!
  • Lily is SUPER excited to see a visible belly on me. She rubs it and even said a sweet and FIRST, ” goodnight baby” last night.
  • Today the baby is the size of a lemon. So of course Matt and Lily held a Lime (dressed as a lemon) to my belly and imagined what the baby would look like… green, round and sour!
  • I fall asleep around 10:30 / 11pm consistently. This is soooo out of the norm for my night owl ways.
  • I am also awake at 5am with strange ‘demon baby’ dreams…more on that another time. Not a lot goes on on television at 5am..the news people don’t have much to report on and their random banter is quite embarrassing. Also why do news ladies wear tight fitting low cut dresses for the 5am news.. maybe they are just getting in from da club. i don’t know.
  • My clothes are starting not to fit so I have been indulging in a bit of shopping. No maternity clothes yet though. I usually wear a size small and have just upgraded to a medium and it seems to accomodate my ever changing body with room for growth.
  • Matt’s been amazing. I get daily massages and it has been helping with my nausea. I owe him big time after this is all done!

As always… all advice is totally welcome so drop off some pregnancy tips for me please!!