Winners of The Great GoogaMooga food fest!

I had never heard of the GOOGAMOOGA festival in Brooklyn until 2 of my foodiest of foodie friends told me they were heading there this past Sunday.

Me and my food loving self immediately researched this festival and I was totally envious that I was not there. Of course I followed my friends every eating move by stalking them on FB and Instagram to catch their delectable foodie photos.  I mean foie gras donuts…spotted pig scrumptuousness (sp?)… Lukes Lobster… and it goes on!

So of course there was a contest!

Showcasing the best foods from GoogaMoogaSeamless is announcing the winners of the CRAVED Awards at GoogaMooga .

Voted by festival attendees through Twitter and the Great GoogaMooga’s website and mobile app, winners were chosen across six categories to recognize the restaurants that make hungry festival goers happy.

Between the Bread: Little Muenster – Oaxaca Sandwich made with Cotija, Jalapeno Corn Puree, Roasted Tomatillo Grilled Cheese on Organic Peasant Bread with a Soup Shooter

From the Sea: Luke’s Lobster – Lobster Roll

Sweetest Treat: Big Gay Ice Cream – Ginger Curry Shake made with Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, Ginger Syrup, Curry Powder

Off The Bone: Bromber Bros. Blue Ribbon – Fried Chicken Wings

Greatest Greens: Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi – Spring Seasonal Kimchi: Gazpacho “mul” Kimchi, Tender “Putbaechu” Napa Cabbage, Raddish Tops “Yulmu Mak” Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Slice of Heaven: Roberta’s – Bee Sting & Soppressata Pizza with Mozzarella, Tomato, Chili Oil + Soppressata

Next year… I’m there!

To get a great recap from someone who attended and ate through the festival… head on over to my foodie friend Sarah O’grady fab website and check out her pics.