on Pregnancy…

So here are a few things running through my brain about the status of my body these days.

  1. I think that when you have been deemed preggers, your doctors should have you attend a MANDATORY session on pregnancy and give you information about what to expect, what to do and just what’s going to happen to you in the next few months. I am really surprised that this does not happen. I mean… I had to sign up for a 2 hour GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SELLING session and I don’t get anything for bringing a human into this world? Kinda unbalanced no?
  2.  People need to stop rubbing my belly. It’s my body and attached to me and your strange hand is really odd and why do you think it’s OK to do that? It’s fine when close friends do this, but I have had acquaintances rub my belly!! You’re invading my personal belly-bubble-space-boundary. A “No-Contact” congrats will do… sans the rub down.
  3.  Pregnant people should get free massages. That is all.
  4. Saltines crackers needs to bank on the fact that it’s the GO TO food for most pregnant women. Almost every single friend I’ve spoken to about my nausea has sung the praises of Saltine Crackers… even my sonogramist last week told me to eat saltines before I get out of bed in the morning. JUST FYI Saltine company… you need get on this!
  5. Those pregnant people on the ROSIE POPE show embarrass me and I am not even related to them. I mean…really… how clueless are you! See proves my theory ( refer to point 1) that there needs to be a mandatory pregnancy seminar for all pregnant people!
  6. This week has been so full of such an outpouring of love from so many outlets of my life! I have chatted and connected with friends whom I haven’t seen in years, such exciting stuff!! The biggest thing is that I absolutely realize that I am surrounded by the best network of friends, family and coworkers ever! – One lucky gal!