Lily Day 4 years!

4 Years ago, Matt and I came back to New York with a new addition in our lives… LILY!

She has changed our lives in a thousand amazing ways that I just could never have imagined.

Matt and I went through the toughest 2 years of our lives when we were finalizing Lily’s adoption. Not knowing which way the Florida department of children services would swing. Our adoption story is a rough tale but I am so glad the ending is a happy one.

Today I am most thankful for Matt and Lily and my amazing life and the adventures that lie ahead.

We celebrate LILY DAY together as a family. Something low key, like a special dinner. Lily knows her adoptive story and she knows today is her special day. While some adoptive families make this day – Gotcha Day-  a big event with friends, we keep it a private celebration just between the 3 of us!

Do you celebrate your adopted child’s “gotcha day” ? What special things do you do to celebrate?