It’s all good

Most of my New Years resolutions have taken off and I am buckled in and loving the ride.

  • I have 4 AMAZING clients for social media. All projects I love and look forward to every morning. I have so much work that I am in the process of hiring an assistant… well at least I am in the process of thinking about hiring an assistant. I have hired an employee in the past and that in itself is work, so I’m processing this.
  • My dance life is coming back in a new way. I am part of an amazing program at the Mark Morris Dance Group  where I am getting trained to teach dance to people with Parkinson’s Disease. Dance For PD. 
  • I am a brand amabassador for WalkAbout and a Coppertone Water MOM – more on this later.
  • Our home life is awesome sauce with many family trips coming up and weekend jaunts here and there.
  • My grassroots project with my friend Sarah O’GradyOCCUPY MAIN STREET– has received so much buzz it’s unbelievable!  We have an amazing event coming up in June that is going to prove the power of action and the positive effect this has on small communities.
  • Lily has decided to dig a swimming pool in our back yard… with a spoon.
  • Jonah continues to have nasty gas and we can’t figure out the root of this evil.
  • Matt finished his final paper for his Executive Masters… woot! Graduation in May!
  • This poor blog never gets any love… but I’m working on it!
  • I have slowly released my Pinterest time suck! ( I’m getting paid to pin for a client so it’s not exactly a time suck when you are clocking in the cha-chings!)
  • I still haven’t tackled the laundry..but whatever.

It’s all good. And I am most thankful.