Little Dishwasher

Today starts Lily’s spring break.

We woke up late and rolled around in bed. I bribed her into giving me a back and face massage…candy is her weakness. We finally made it downstairs around 9:30am, she had her breakfast and I got out my laptop at the kitchen table. Before I knew it… we had settled into a nice little morning rhythm with me working away and Lily singing songs and doing the dishes!

This is her first time doing the dishes and she totally zen -ed out with the soap and sponge and dirty cups.

I love these moments. Listening to Lily singing is quite possibly my most favorite thing. She gets lost in song when she’s out in nature, or gardening, or riding her bike – often times the wind carries her soft melodies in my direction.

I remember as a kid, i loved cleaning the floors. i loved housework. There was something so fun and “role-playing” like about household chores. Sadly this has not stuck in my adulthood.

Lily is growing up so very fast. These little moments are such gems and I am only too happy to capture them here on this online journal.