Runaway Dog

Yesterday we had a big huge scare with this crazy beast of ours.

Jonah ran out of the back yard and went for an adventure down our towns MAIN STREET. This is the same Main Street where years ago, Former President Bill Clinton’s Dog BUDDY was hit and killed by a car for doing the EXACT same thing Jonah did!

Matt and I took off running after him, and I told Lily to get in the house. Which she totally obeyed and ran into the house and locked the door and waited for us to get back. SCORE on the emergency action plan!

We could have lost our Jonah yesterday, he ran down the streets of our main street dodging cars and peeing on everything in sight. Blocks and Blocks and BLOCKS later I finally tackled him.

It was such a sight to see, Jonah a 120 pound St. Bernard Pup running down the Street with me running behind him screaming like a banshee and Matt behind me doing the same.

Lily seems to be ok with everything that went on and was all too excited to share the story with her friends today. I was really proud of her and how well she listened to me asking her to go inside the house and lock the door.

I really thought we would have a dead doggie on our hands as I was running down the street behind Jonah. All I could think of was calling my brother to come take Lily for the evening while Matt and I figure out how to handle the situation and how sad and terrible that would be.

THANK GOD that did not happen!

I can’t even begin to think what our life would be like without my Jonah. He is such a saving grace and makes our family complete.

Jonah is Lily’s confidant and sits through all her complaints about us, he’s my sweet beast often times laying his entire body and snuggling on me just to be as close as possible.

This Dog… if he only knew how much we loved him!