Spring Cleaning for Makeup Brushes

It’s the official third day of SPRING… and now that you’ve spent the past few days cleaning out your closets, let’s work on those makeup brushes shall we.

Years ago, a make up artist who did my daily makeup for a show I was in shared these tips with me. He has since passed on to the heavens but his sound advice lives on! One of the best things he always said was… “oh honey throw some lipstick on and everyone will be fooled”  This was his advice for when you were having a crappy day or your boyfriend dumped you or you were hung over or if you were a boy trying to dress like a girl or your costume ripped right down the middle when you were on stage. He was pretty inspiring.

He also was diligent about cleaning his makeup brushes so as not to get “whatever kinda germs all you have on your face’

So this spring I share with you his tips on cleaning make up brushes!

  1.  ALWAYS tip your brushes downward when washing. You NEVER want to get the stem, or the ‘heart’ of the brushes soaked.
  2.  Run luke warm water from your tap and hold the brushes under the running water… tipping down remember. With your fingers gently massage the bristles.
  3. In a bowl use a pea sized amount of gentle soap. I use Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash and dilute it with water. You don’t want too much soap residue. Again, tipping the brushes forward so not the damped the HEART of the brushes.
  4. Use your fingers to massage the bristles in the soap water.
  5. Rinse in luke warm water and dab dry on  paper towel or soft cotton towel.
  6. Lay brushes flat on their sides or hang upside down to dry. NEVER right side up…remember the whole not getting the heart wet part.

It takes a while for the brushes to dry, I suggest doing this overnight. Your brushes will have a longer life and your skin will thank you!

Do you have any makeup brush tips? do share.