Arts Education with The Westchester Philharmonic

The importance of ARTS in EDUCATION is so essential to human development. This has been proven time and time again and I for one am the #1 advocate for arts education. Having worked as a Dance Artist in Residence at several private and public schools throughout the tri state area, I have an inside handle of how this benefits the kids and education system.

My dear friend Lenore is the Marketing and Development Director for the Westchester Philharmonic.  

The Westchester Philharmonic is one of my favorite arts organizations in New York. For over 25 years this organization has brought the experience of live symphony orchestra to area school children. Last week 1,400 public schools students spent the afternoon at the theatre at Purchase College as part of the One Voice Among Many program. These kids were in for a treat – dressed in their theatre best, the crowd of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders hushed as the conductor walked out on stage.

When asked, ” How many of you play a musical instrument?” I was so pleased to see that majority of their hands shot up! Yea for music.

One Voice Among Many program integrates music education into the classroom through curriculum guides and  live presentations.

Being a teaching artist myself, I have seen first hand the effect art has on kids. I have worked with kindergarten through college and although each experience is different the impact it has on young minds is the same!

To find out more about the Westchester Philharmonic visit them am and say hi to Lenore!

Does your school have arts integrated into their curriculum? If they don’t ASK FOR ART!!