Voca People – Off Broadway REVIEW

An alien space craft crashed somewhere in Upstate New York and out popped… these bizarre creatures… they weren’t little green men as most people would like to think but rather all white creatures with red lips. They weren’t interested in sucking out our brains and performing anatomy experiments on us either… they were a gentle species.

The VOCA PEOPLE must re-energize their spaceship to get back home. How do they reenergize the spaceship? By MUSICA. Their philosophy – Life is Music and Music is Life!

I attended a press preview for VOCA PEOPLE last week. Creators, Lior Kalfo and Shai Fishman have created an amazing show that is delightful and hilarious. With a running time of 1.5 hrs, this a capella group – Voca People is nonstop action and non stop laughs. The 8 performers on stage are so incredibly talented that’s it hard to believe this sound is coming live from 8 people. No instruments on stage, no big props, no big fancy set…just 8 incredibly talented individuals being awesome!

The group includes two beat boxers that are impressive and the quite possibly the highlight of the show. While there were a few slow moments in the show, they are quickly forgotten when the next scene starts. This show is recommended for kids. I took Lily with me and she loved the show. It was a bit long for her but she came away from the show trying to create her own beatbox melodies! She was inspired and that’s a win!!

VOCA PEOPLE is playing at New World Stages (340 W. 50th Street). Get your tickets here—> VOCA PEOPLE TICKETS

* I was not paid for my review. I was invited as press and am offering up my honest opinion*