Spring is in the air!

The weather in New York has been gorgeous lately. I am ready for SPRING! Lily and I have been at the park most days. On our walks, we are often greeted by squirrels, and turtles and of course the hungry geese. One afternoon we took some bird food and headed off to feed the geese. Did you know that when a whole gaggle of geese come over to you …HISSING… it’s time to run! Hissing by any animal is never a good thing. 

While cleaning up the back yard this weekend, I heard a loud squeal come from the very back part of our yard…

Lily: Oh my Goodness! Mommy look at these beautiful flowers. The winter is going away.

She immediately picked a few snowdrops and put them in a vase for the house. A few days later, Matt came home with some gorgeous orchids from the local market.

And this begins our spring! Lily and I love having fresh flowers in our home and Matt is all too happy to spoil us with flowers all season.

I love this warmer climate and being able to play outdoors! What’s your favorite part of spring?