What is KONY 2012?

I received this video about KONY 2012 from a handful of my friends yesterday. They sent it to me via email and posted on my Facebook Wall. I have to admit that I deleted the video without even looking at it from Facebook. I sincerely thought it was some sort of rogue independent party political campaign and just did not want it clouding up my Facebook space.

After I saw this video popping up from multiple friends and even via email with comments like “This is going to change your life” or “so touching, let’s make it happen” or “Maria please blog about this so your readers can learn about Joseph Kony” I had to take a second to watch it.

This morning after Lily headed off to school and Matt headed off to work, I sat with my cup of coffee in my PJ’s with Jonah next to me and settled in for a 30 minute short on KONY2012.  I’m thinking… what is this campaign and why is it going to take 30 minutes. slightly annoyed.

Once I hit play, I could not stop. This is a movement charged and fueled by SOCIAL MEDIA. This is a movement that will find its end goal BECAUSE of the power of Social Media. I am touched, I am weepy and I am going to be part of this movement. This film has been viewed 26 million times since it was uploaded on Monday.

So WHAT is KONY 2012? Joseph KONY is the leader of the Ugandan rebel group – Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

What does he do?

“What he does is he takes children..from their parents and he gives them a gun to shoot… and he makes them shoot and kill other people”

“he is not fighting for any cause, just to maintain power”

through the years “he has had over 30,000 children in his army”

“The girls are used as Sex Slaves and the boys are a given guns to form the child army’

“They are forced to kill their parents and mutilate the faces of others”

These INVISIBLE CHILDREN have no voice..until NOW!

This film has been 10 years in the making, This movement has been 10 years in the making. And because and PRIMARILY because of social media we can STOP this man! The goal is to make Joseph KONY so famous that he can be arrested and caught. The goal is to have every person across the globe to know his face so he can be found.

This movement had been recieving a ton of negative and positive responses. So i encourage you to read THIS and a response from INVISIBLE CHILDREN.

My effort in this is Social Media coverage. Before you give to ANY organization… always do your homework. Some critics have called this movement SLACKTIVISM… because of the low effort of enagaement needed. But this is social media isn’t it? Your klout spreads the word! Why work harder when you can work smarter? If you do choose to get involved on other levels then you should! I think the point of the campaign is to bring awareness…and I say it has!

I encourage you to watch this film today and share this message with all you know. Post this very article on your Facebook wall and tweet it to the masses. You can take my entire post here and just copy and paste if you choose… please get this message out. BE THE CHANGE and make a difference. 

in 2012 – “The people of the world see each other… and can protect each other’

* I was not paid for this. I am moved and charged and am in awe of the power of social media and the human good it is doing!”