Members Unite – Teaching Kids About Charity


Thank you to Members Unite for sponsoring this post and sparking a creative discussion with children about the importance of giving. Visit for a simple, interactive, fun way to fund amazing projects every single month! 100% of your monthly contribution goes to the winning projects. I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective.>< –><!–

We focus a lot on outreach projects in our family. Our family is so very blessed to have so much and I can’t let Lily take any of this for granted…ever. Giving back to those less fortunate than you should never be a “seasonal” activity. We try to instill “giving” all year-long! Lily is a sensitive little girl. She is very effected by things around her.. pets, people, hunger, or illness. She is aware of her blessings and her little 7-year-old heart goes out to those less fortunate.

I had Lily help me pick a project to fund on the new “funding” site MEMBERS UNITE. I read through all the worthy projects to her – planting trees, four-legged friend for wounded vets, helping teachers with their supplies and helping Habitat for Humanity were a few of the options.

We picked – Give Infants a Lease on Life – Stunted growth, brain damage, emotional distress, and even death. What terrible affliction can cause these symptoms in an infant? Chronic malnutrition. More than half of Guatemalan children younger than age 5 don’t get the food they need–the highest malnutrition statistics in Latin America and among the highest rates in the world. – Casa Jackson Center for Malnourished Infants provides in-house and outpatient care to hundreds of infants and young children each year, supplying food, medicine, and care to those most in need. But the center can’t make it happen without funding. Just $10 can buy enough nutrient-rich milk to feed 20 infants for a day. If this project wins, we will provide 20 infants with milk for 500 days – over a year’s worth of sustenance.

She was really touched by this cause. We have taught her the importance of nutrition and she could not believe that kids in Guatemala… or other countries did not have access to nutrious food like milk, chicken and fruit.

Members Unite is a great site to engage your kids with giving. We signed up for the annual membership of $25 and then the $5 per month premium membership. I need your votes to help fund this project! So take a gander over at MEMBERS UNITE and help support the – Give Infants a Lease on Life – project. The voting proces is a 4 week process. every week the projects get narrowed down to a final winner on week 4.

Lily and I are hoping to get a ton of votes so this project can move on to round 2! let me know if you sign up and voted. Would love to continue the discussion on Members Unite!