Be The Change!

I am really passionate about arts, community, and outreach. Those are my three big passions in life. All these values are what I try to instill in Lily on the daily.

I have always been an active member of any organization I join. I want to help, I want to contribute and I want to be a part of my environment. In college, I recruited a group of friends to join Habitat for Humanity with me, when I moved to NYC – I encouraged a group of my work friends to volunteer at a local soup kitchen one Thanksgiving, I convinced a major company i worked for to start a recycling program in all their offices and when I ‘grew up’ and moved to Westchester – I immediately joined the volunteer Fire Department in an effort to be part of my community. Yes I went on fire calls and did the training and was immersed in local culture. I started a dance company that has arts education and outreach as the main focus, I taught an arts camp and directed shows like Godspell, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Wizard Of Oz …pro bono just so kids in my community could learn to appreciate the arts.

YOU, ME, WE need to be the change we want to see in the world! This is so true and my daily mantra.

Tomorrow my dear friend  and pat-nah in crime Sarah O’Grady and I are hosting/ organizing an event for our local community.

OCCUPY MAIN STREET – No we are not protesting anything or picketing in front of townhall…who has time for that? We are doing something much better… using the media and locals to talk about change and how to actively make this happen in our communities.

If you are in Westchester and would like to attend our meeting please do. If you can’t, please leave a little love note on our Facebook page! —> OCCUPY MAIN WESTCHESTER

This meeting is for locals who want to know how to promote CHANGE in their communities.  So all you local peeps, please make an effort and come to this open meeting. This is the FIRST step in engaging in your community and your surroundings.

 Tuesday, March 6 at 7PM
Mt. Kisco Library Community Room.
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* I was not paid for this… it’s my own personal initiative*