Freckleface The Musical – REVIEW

Lily and I were invited to see the new show Freckleface – The Musical last month.

The musical is based on the beloved New York Times Best Selling book by celebrated actress Julianne Moore and addresses the ever-present topic of BULLYING.

Freckleface is a delightful family show with a running time of 70 minutes that does not include intermission. The cast is made up of a wide range of characters from a ballerina who rides a scooter ( lily tried this when she came home), to a basketball enthusiast, a nerd, fashion girl and of course the class clown!

Freckleface -The Musical chronicles the life of seven-year-old Strawberry being teased by her schoolmates for having bright red hair and freckles.  She does everything to get rid of her freckles including trying to scrub them off and wearing a mask to school. The story concludes with Strawberry realizing that she is loved for her freckles and each person has something about them that makes them unique and different and great!

We met with the cast after the show and Strawberry Freckleface tried to eat LILY!!!

I kid I kid! 

Freckleface the Musical is at the MMAC Theater at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center 248 West 60th Street (Between Amsterdam and West End Avenue)
New York NY 10023 You can find more info about the show —> Freckleface The Musical

This intimate theatre is perfect for this show. The kids are close up to the stage and really able to engage in the action of the play. The cast also uses the space to interact with the audience which is always such a delight for little ones.  I am pretty biased to small theatres! Having performed on many stages throughout the years, the black box is my favorite.

While freckleface is a fantastic show for the kids, the topic of bullying is tackled with kid gloves…which given the target audience might have been the goal. The over exaggerated style of the performance never fully let the audience feel the heaviness of bullying. Lily did not take the bullying message away from the show. She just loved it for its entertainment value.

If you have a little one who loves the books, which we do, this is a great show that brings these characters to life!

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Use code MAMADRAMA at the box office or online for $40 tickets

* I was not paid for this review, simply invited to attend. All opinions are always my own*