Hues of Blues

I lost my MOJO this week… please let me know if you find it.


What a week. We have changes coming up in our life… good changes… me thinks …but it’s hard. Transitions are always challenging and me and my sensitive soul can’t handle this.

Today in an attempt to get my MOJO back I took yoga, danced, washed my face with really fab products that took approx 15 mins {that’s 3 hours in mom time}, whispered motivational quotes to myself and had 2 really constructive and positive client meetings.{non-dance related- which makes me sad}

… my MOJO is still lost!

This week I had lunch with a close friend who I love and find ridiculous amounts of strength from – She said “what’s our next project“,  coffee with another friend who cried with me and said , we are extended sisters” , and a long covo with my bro who said, “that’s great but …How are YOU?”  and ” let’s flip houses!” such amazing support! I am humbled.

I’ll get my mojo back soon… just have to ride this out.

I can’t ever forget that I am always surrounded by the most amazing, inspiring and truly honest people this earth holds!