Lily attends her FIRST New York Fashion Week !

It’s New York Fashion Week and everyone…including Lily has fashion fever!

While most of us dream of scoring an invite to just one of Fashion Week’s many exclusive events… Lily, age 7, was invited to one of the most coveted events in the 7YO  age range.

The Barbie Dream Closet Fashion Event. Even the invite had jewels on it. Squeee!

The event was pure fashion week, this was clearly an event for the adults with  little stations for hair and nails and design to keep the kids occupied.

As we walked into the David Rubenstein Atrium, across from Lincoln Center, a friendly PR gal welcomed us with …. a glass of champagne! YES! at 10:30am… why not! It was Saturday after all. We checked our coats and were escorted up the pink carpet through tall bedazzled pink doors… you are now entering the dream closet!

With the Toy Fair and Fashion Week going on in NY right now… a mash-up Barbie event seemed to be pretty genius. Lily and I were surrounded by fashions muckety mucks like editors and stylists and PR mavens…all who attended with their kids.

Lily, keeping in theme with her teen angst, acted totally cool the whole time.

She had every single barbie come up and chat with her and did not engage! Not a word, not a glance..nothing!

And then Swimsuit barbie tried to eat Lily and she still wasn’t phased! … not really. Barbie doesn’t eat silly!

The only person who Lily talked to …for about 45 minutes was MARK – he designs the Barbie special collections dresses. She found her match. They designed and worked on patterns the whole time! 

The event was fun, busy, loud… think nightclub at 10:30am with kids coloring.. weird but a ton of fun.

There were Live barbies everywhere, on balconies, walking around, coloring and chatting up the littles but mainly glaring at you from their perches high above the masses.

In the room were a handful of celebs. I’m not one for snapping up pics of celebrities but take my word for it. Brooke Shields was there with her kid/kids? Lily ran into her leg while trying to get a tiara.

Lily was expecting to try on dresses and shoes, but it was all virtual and she was not interested…slightly disappointed but that quickly changed when she was given a few gift bags filled with barbies and shirts and lip gloss and socks and a bag oh my!

Her first Fashion Week event was a success!