She’s 7.

Dear Lily

Last weekend you turned 7 and you owned it!

You said, ‘no more baby clothes’ – these are defined as any garment that has a cartoon character or is too “cute” in any way. You want “chill clothes”. And you strike a pose when you say the term “chill clothes’.

I bought you a pair of green skinny jeans and you wore them unprompted for an entire day on your birthday and said: “they are sooo itchy but this is style so…”  (lip smack, eye roll, throw of hair) AKA – Suffer for fashion. You are learning early!

But I don’t let any of these fashion moments fool me… you are still very much a Jungle girl.

Your future plans include – not getting a job , and living in the jungle wearing only your underwear for hygienic reason ( I taught you that), and taking care of the jungle animals and talking to them. Once in a while you will come visit us… or not… this statement usually depends on how you feel about me that day.

Speaking of which, you threaten me with silly 1st grader threats on the way to school on the daily. On chinese new year you told me ” I hope the Dragon gets you today” usually your threats sound like “I am going to tell everyone THE WHOLE CLASS how strict you are, you are the strictest mommy” I was making you wear clothes to school that day. You forget all this by the time school is out and are a big snuggle buddy after school!

You are the coolest kid Lily. I would absolutely be your friend if we were the same age..right now I am trying to parent so being your BFF does not fit in the agenda. But I daydream of us hiking or biking or going on fantastic adventures when you get older.

You love art and are obsessed with beating the Wii Super Mario Bros. We bought you some ” prehistoric “fish eggs last week and they have hatched and this had thrilled you to no end.

Your best friend is Krista and this year you have added Alexia to the mix. The three of you are the cutest trio of giggly girls I have ever seen.

You have enjoyed having your uncles and aunts close by this year. They have spoiled you to no end…but you totally deserve it.

During the holidays you collected all the money you had saved up for an American Girl Doll and gave it all to charity… a whole $15 in coins. It took you a long time to collect that money. I was very proud of you.

You have a huge heart that gets hurt quite often. Which worries me for your teenage years.

daddy brought you shark teeth from a recent work trip.

Although you have a house full of toys and art supplies you would rather be outdoors playing in the dirt or with Jonah. Often times, I leave the kitchen window open while I’m cooking so I can hear you singing to the leaves and pine cones you find in the back yard.  I wish I could come visit that world you get lost in sometimes.

You have two amazing pets… plus about a dozen prehistoric fish that are slowly hatching.  But your main pets are Jonah , your saint and Cutie, your guinea pig.

Happy Birthday my sweetpea… the days are passing by waaaay too fast!