I don’t like January!

What is it about the month of January that makes me feel like I need a whole lot of work done to my exterior appearance.

Between all the weight loss ads and the gazillion “ i pledge to lose (enter the amount) pounds this year” mantras sung by my favorite people … January sure has a heck of a way of making me feel self-conscious.

I hate that some really amazing people I know… amazing on the inside and out… are feeding into this “weight loss, new image madness” … and the truth is .. I am feeding into it as well! I am not unhealthy, I am not out of shape..but I am also not in the BEST shape of my life and I would like to get my sexy back.. if you will.

I’m raising a strong-minded little lady over here but in the meantime every time I glance at myself in the mirror… I am just not sufficiently satisfied! WHY!!!

I blame it on JANUARY and all this ...begin the year with a NEW YOU crap. The new ME?? What was wrong with the old ME!

Nothing is wrong with the old me… or the old you!

But if you feel like you want to shed something then girl,  go get your weight loss on… but don’t let the MEDIA tell you to do that. Do it for you!

Dang you January… making me feel all insecure!