Chinese Dragon Craft

To recognize and teach Lily a little something about Chinese New Year, I came up with a quick craft made from things we all have laying round the house.

As you know today, January 23 is the Chinese New Year…this is the year of the DRAGON! The luckiest and most significant of all the beasts. The dragon in Chinese culture is not a fire breathing monster who circles high towers where princesses live and captures vikings. ( Lily’s understanding) Dragons in Chinese culture are quite the opposite- brave, noble, kind hearted,  fire breathing beasts. Much like my Jonah. ( also what Lily said… except Jonah does not breathe fire.. that would be weird.)

Our craft is really easy and is sure to keep your little fire breather entertained all while encouraging creativity and hands on learning. So celebrate Chinese New Year with your own friendly crafty dragon!

BTW –  that’s supposed to be a Dragon!

Supplies: White paper, colored construction paper, Paint – green and black, Glue, scissors, tape.

  • Tape your giant piece of white paper( we like to use the paper rolls) onto your table.
  • Then hand draw an outline of a dragon.
  • Pour some green paint into a container and let your kid color in the shape green.

  • Use the black paint to make scales. I pretty much let Lily do what she wanted. Sometimes it’s best to let your kid have artistic freedom with the details.
  • Using the black paint, give your dragon an eye.

  • Next – cut out little triangle shapes with your RED and ORANGE construction paper. This is for the spikes on the back of the dragon. Of course you can pick any color you want!
  • Glue the triangles to the dragons back.

  • Then cute out some long flames from your red or orange or yellow construction paper and glue it to the UNDER side of the dragons mouth. (This has to happen after the Dragon is cut out)

  • Cut out your dragon.

And all done! One friendly Dragon for your little one to enjoy!