The next generation

Last weekend, I took Lily to the Joyce Theatre in NYC to see the David Parsons Dance Company. The 2Pm Saturday matinée was a kids program that was curated by David Parsons. Hand picked works to delight and inspire the little monkeys. And delight and inspire it did! Lily was smitten! Lily is exposed to dance and theatre and art constantly. I have dragged her with me to many a rehearsal or video shoot or show. Her “go to work with Mom” days are very very adventurous! While she has attended shows at many theatres in NYC including the Metropolitian Opera House… I had never taken her to the Joyce Theatre.  The Joyce Theatre in NYC’s Chelsea neighbourhood is the quintessential dance “I made it” theatre. As a performer, I have never danced at the JOYCE, at the Joyce Soho yes..but not the JOYCE. One of my biggest goals was to make it on the stage of the JOYCE. Still working on it!

Taking Lily to this theatre was emotional. Watching her soak in the stunning choreography of the Parsons Company and being completely mesmerized was rewarding more ways than I can put into words. Lily sat motionless as the dancers worked their magic on the stage. She picked her favorites, and gave me feedback on the pieces. She loved the solo CAUGHT  – which I knew she would. She wanted me to then recreate this in our living room…strobes and everything. (that hasn’t happened yet).  The Hand Dance – which is a brilliant piece using ONLY HANDS! …. was so  amusing to her that she created her own variation after. At some point during the show i thought… one day this could be Lily on that stage and how amazing and proud I would be. It was MOM moment if you will. Passing the baton of advocacy and art and lifestyle and dreams. It was one of the first solid moments of Lily’s little life that I sincerely envisioned a career for her. I mean besides being a jungle girl or a doggie petter or a farmer or even a poacher catcher (where u catch poachers and put them in jail) …all valid career choices mind you…but none that hit a “this could be” moment with me! A dancer… how awesome!

If you know me at all… you know that I do not and will not push dance on Lily ever! I did not start dancing until I was in college and with the help of stellar teachers and fierce motivation I have been able to have a very successful career as a professional dancer and choreographer. Sometimes I teach at dance schools and the dolly-dinkle madness of some of these school is appalling! So no thanks… I do not want Lily to experience dance that way.

I was Lily to know dance as ART … NOT as competition!

I am even considering teaching a free 6 week class for her and her friends just because I haven’t found a good school within a 15 mile radius of my home and Lily has shown an interest in dance classes.

After the show there was a meet and greet with the dancers and choreographer. Lily had her picture taken with dancer Eric Bourne who she calls.. her ‘boyfriend” {said with sideways popping of the hip and role of the eye and a lip smack at the end…gurl!} Here’s Lily with David Parsons. Somewhere in my archive of photos I too have a pic similar to this from when I took his summer workshop! Ah memories! What a great thing about living in New York. We have access to every possible creative outlet.  There are college kids studying dance across the world who have never had the chance to see professional dance and here is my 6YO surrounded by the best.

Lily’s going to have such an amazing view of life and world and humanity when she gets older. I feel so lucky to be able to share all these adventures with her at such a young age.

She is the next generation of thinkers, artists , humanitarians, advocates and all around awesomeness!