Looking back – Barack Obama

Today in 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Where were you on Inauguration Day?

Matt and I stopped everything we were doing and came home and watched the inauguration on televeision…tears in our eyes…. standing taller with pride…. and hope… and with Lily. 

{ this is our beloved Lincoln Duncan, our Newfoundland who passed away a month later in feb 2009..my heart still hurts from losing him}

Lily was so very excited about Barack Obama, she was the only kid in her pre school class who talked about Barack Obama and knew who he was..etc. The teacher was very impressed!  She lined up all her favorite dollies to watch the inauguration.

This was such a proud moment. Matt and I watched the whole event standing up, none of us spoke a word not even Lily and we all watched the moment..frozen in our minds.

Where were you in January 2009 when history happened right before our eyes? Please share!!!