Parsons Dance at the Joyce

The Parson’s Dance Company is at the Joyce  until Jan 22 and you MUST go see this!

I have been a fan of David Parson and have participated in his summer workshop in the past.  His work is strong with sublte simple complexities using repetitive patterns and fantastic partnering. His signature pieces ‘Envelope” and “Caught” are forever embedded in my brain.

Tuesday night marked the world premiere of David Parson’s latest work… “Round the World”. This work was nothing short of simply stunning. The choreography visually reflected a theme and variation of circles with the dancers bringing tremendous breath and true artistry to capture the honesty of the work.

ROUND MY WORLD - Photo by Krista Bonura - Dancers: Ian Spring, Melissa Ullom

Round the World invites the audience into this mesmerizing place where the music and movement weave through space with the dancers entwining through one antoher and finding rythmn in rising , falling and soaring across the stage. Parsons eye for design on stage is apparent in Round the World. The dancers easily travel through intricate patterns that is such a joy to watch. One can easily get lost in the beauty and hypnotic nature of this piece.

Here is David Parsons talking about the work.

The program also included the Parsons classic CAUGHT. Strobe lights and theatre trickery are no match for the incredible movement and athleticism of the performer and make the perfect cocktail for one amazing piece!  The fab dancer, Eric Bourne, seems to be dancing on air!  I have seen this work several times in the past and have enjoyed it just as much every time. The ladies sitting next to me at the theatre had never seen any of David Parsons’ work and were LOVING every single moment of CAUGHT. I think I enjoyed it even more listening to them say, “That’s amazing, amazing, wow, amazing” through the entire piece.

While all the dancers were stunning… the one that commands the stage is newcomer Elena D’Amario. With her stunning presence and distinct style, she is a delight. Pictured below- center.

Photo by Krista Bonura Dancers: Ian Spring, Melissa Ullom, Steven Vaughn, Elena D’Amario, Eric Bourne, Sarah Braverman

The evening also included , A Stray’s Lullaby – collaborative work of choreographer Katarzyna Skarpetowska and composer Kenji Bunch. This work, for 4 dancers, explored the journey of 4 characters yearning for something… that something was portaryed by the cliche –light from upstage right.  I felt this work was lacking a complete idea. There were bits and pieces of some great concepts but they never quiet seemed to come together. The movement was a bound release but I’m not sure if that was the choreography of classic lines or the dancers interpretation of the movement. There however is no denying the talent of the dancers on stage and this in the end is what I enjoyed most about the piece.

A STRAY’S LULLABY - Photo by Krista Bonura - Dancers: Christina Ilisije, Elena D’Amario, Jason Macdonald

The parsons company is that the Joyce until Jan 22 with a fab children’s program at 2pm this Saturday.( Tomorrow). I’m taking Lily and can’t wait to get her reaction when she sees “Envelope” and “Caught” for the first time!

Put this on you “To-Do’ list everyone …Parsons Dance  will not disappoint.

The Joyce Theater is located at 175 Eighth Avenue (at 19th Street), NYC.  Tickets begin at $10 and are available by phone at 212-242-0800 or

PROGRAM A: Tue-Wed 7:30pm; Thu-Fri 8pm; Sat 2pm (Jan 21 only) & 8pm; Sun 1pm & 5pm
World Premiere, A Stray’s Lullaby, by Guest Choreographer KateSkarpetowska, commissioned by The Joyce Theater, Step Into My Dream (excerpt), World Premiere, Round My World by David Parsons, Caught,Swing Shift

PROGRAM B (Family Matinee): Sat, Jan 14 2pm
Envelope, Hand Dance, Step Into My Dream (excerpt), Slow Dance, Caught, Swing Shift