St Bernard Obsessed with Guinea pig

Oh Emm GEE!!!

Jonah has NOT left Cutie- the guinea pig’s- side in over 2 weeks!!! He sits by the cage and whimpers all day! He is very sweet with the pig and even gave him a full on licking bath this week… but his behavior has totally changed!!! He shows no interest in eating, or treats and has not snuggled with me… in days!

As cute as it is, I am very worried about him. Going to call the vet next week if he has not simmered down.

Lily is loving having 2 pets in the house. Today we built a fort for the pig with her blocks and noticed that the pig poops practically every 40 seconds! Lily did hesitated a bit, but quickly took responsibility and cleaned up the pig poop. She is really being responsible and it’s been a great educational experience for her.

Jonah on the other hand… I am worried about his obsessive behavior! Do you have any advice about this? Please share!