These Changes Ain’t Changing Me

Today I changed my Facebook profile to read … Maria Colaco instead of Maria Colaco Dance.

I also updated my work info to read Social Media Creative + Dance Machine.

I was at a networking event and didn’t even bring up my fab and successful dance career.

In all cases, dance is slowly making an exit from my life.

This is so very painful!!!   I have been mourning the loss of my dance life ever since I became a parent.

I am a professional dancer and choreographer based in NYC. My work has been showcased all over the country on television, film, concert stages, colleges and festivals. Dance was and IS a huge part of my identity.

Since we adopted Lily and became parents, I lost a huge part of my dance extension. Lily was 3 years old when we adopted her. This age is very crucial. As adoptive parents,  we made the decision that I would stop working full-time to focus on Lily  so we could establish a strong bond with her. I stayed at home and quit my fulltime work as a dancer/ teacher/ choreographer. I remember leaving rehearsals and racing to get back home to be with Lily or to take her to soccer or pick her up from school… meanwhile all my friends were having cocktails at some fab outdoor garden in Williamsburg.

Staying home with Lily is the best decision I ever made. Lily is a solid member of our family and she knows the bond we have created within our trio.

This said… I died a little everyday.  I know this is harsh but so very true.

3 years later … I have found a rebirth. I feel the cloud of dance-life grievance slowly lifting. I am emerging with a new sense of shifting creativity. My focus is heavily toward arts education as I see what little dance/ performing arts exposure Lily has in the public school system. ( her school does have a fab arts program..just not a strong performing arts program)

As a teaching artist in NYC I know what’s up in dance education. Hoping to channel that information and make changes this year.

In the meantime – my work as a freelance Social Media Creative is blossoming. I worked with some amazing companies last year and successfully participated in several Blogger – Brand campaigns. This year, I start a new job as a Community Manager at the end of January. I am consulting more, finding creative ways to partner with brands and continue to engage in the Brand to Blogger conversations.

Social Media is a perfect fit for artists… it’s creative, it’s ever-changing and I can make up the rules as I go along!

These changes… mom, laundry, squinkies, soccer… they ain’t changing me… I am finding ways to fit it all in… especially dance. While I have accepted that I will probably not be going back to dance full-time, I would like to produce one show and maybe a few commercials every year.

Keep dancing folks… it will save yer soul!