New Year …new resolutions!

Happy 2012 people. I know, I know it’s January 3rd and you’re all like… that’s old news. new year was like 3 days ago.

Lily went back to school today and I feel like I have a part of me back so I am treating this as  my FIRST day of 2012! It’s a parent thing!

 We have had a full house this Christmas and I have been loving every second of it!

From the christmas pageant to the chirstmas dinner, grandparents, aunts and uncles, to shopping and new years and a new guinea pig … it’s been non-stop excitement over here!

So I start off this new year with a few resolutions for ME… to help me find ME again.

Being a parent sort of strips you of your much cooler self. I have gone from spending my weekends strolling the indie shops on the Lower East Side or hanging out with some of the most amazing artists in NYC or lazy brunches in Brooklyn to… doing laundry, cleaning all the time, stressing about my not being able to dance and just all around dumpyness. Bleh! My mind space is not 100% and I just can’t find time to clear my brain and CREATE! So this year I’m CREATING!

* My Blog – I am upping the ante on this heah blog! I know i probably said the same thing last year. But this year I mean in a big way. I’m making strides on this little blogspace. Just you watch.

* Dance – I did not dance nearly as much as I wanted to in 2011. I produced one show in february, I worked on 2 music videos and taught and did one residency… I need more. i need to get my dance on. While I do think my full time dance career is slowly making an exit, I can’t release all of it. So i have a fun project in the works and will tell ya soon enough!

* Social Media – I have been working as a social media creative  for sometime now and while I don’t openly state that for fear of getting too many projects and not having enough time, This year I am good. I have found my rhythm in my work space and am ready to work full time in the social media land. So HIRE ME!

That’s all. 2012 is when I focus on ME… so I can be better for my family.

I have a b-list of resolutions as well.

  • Getting Lily to school on time everyday
  • Defeating the laundry in 2012!
  • Keeping the house clutter free – this one is on the d- list
  • Travel!
  • Volunteer more often
  • Learn to cook!

What are your 2012 resolutions?