and we have a Guinea Pig!

One of the top items on Lily’s letter to santa was a guinea pig.

Since Santa does not deliver live animals, Matt and I set out to find one. I started looking for a Guinea Pig 2 weeks ago and could not find one anywhere within a 20 miles radius of my town! Well actually, there was one guinea pig I found at a pet store…it was 9 years old, red eyes and was missing one ear! The salesgirl said, “he’s half off”.

Yea he is… he’s only HALF there!

Matt looked to Craigslist for help and found it in a large man named Ozzie in the Bronx.

Ozzie : She’s a girl
Matt: What’s her name?
Ozzie: Eduardo

So, Eduardo the girl guinea pig made it’s way home to Lily. We decided to gift it to Lily early since her grandparents are visiting and she’d be able to enjoy and share this with them.

Lily’s face lit up when she met the guinea pig. As a parent, these are the moments when you know you got it right! It’s a super-parent moment!

Meet Cutie!

The story does not end here… Jonah the B.I.RBeast In Residence, is absolutely obsessed with Cutie. Obsessed like, does not eat, does not go outside to do his business and has not jumped on me or followed me around for 2 days.

This is what he does all day! for 2 days now!

The guinea pig likes Jonah as well. They sniff each other and the pig nibbles on Jonah’s wiskers… it’s very cute. But Jonah will not leave it’s side and sits by his cage all day and night and drools!

What to do!!! if you have any advice or experience dealing with this, please feel free to comment below. This doggie is obsessed with the guinea pig!

I just hope that with time, his obsession simmers down. Lily is loving her new friend and has been great about taking care of Cutie and cleaning out the cage..etc.

That smile… melts my cold heart!!